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Massage & Body Service

Reiki Treatment

Swedish Massage

This massage uses Therapeutic massage techniques designed to relax the body and the mind. Light to Medium pressure is used throughout this full body relaxation massage.

30 Minutes $50

60 Minutes $75 

90 Minutes $105

Pre Natal Massage

Because moms need massages too! Massage during pregnancy helps to relax both mom and baby. Using Swedish massage techniques to help relieve low-back, hip, and sciatic pain. Recommended for women out of their first trimester (12 weeks). 

60 Minutes $75

90 Minutes $105

Hot Stone Massage

Everything you love about massages plus the blissful warming heat of hot stones. The addition of stones allows for the automatic deeper relaxation of muscles. 

60 Minute $90

90 Minute $125

Deep Tissue

Perfect for deep muscle aches and pains. This service offers deep pressure and focused massage to areas of the body where deep relief is needed. The purpose of this massage is to allow muscles to stretch and elongate through releasing adhered muscle fibers. Allowing the body to rid itself of stagnant toxins and increasing blood circulation. 

30 Minutes $60  

60 Minutes $85.        

90 Minutes $115  

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